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Support, when it’s needed the most

Provide multiple avenues for your people to get the help they need. Mental health calls for help often go unanswered – not with Pulse App.

Drive change and track in real-time

Review responses, comments and analyse trends over time. Stay informed, act and measure the improvements.

Understand and connect

Better understand the well-being of the people in your organisation, or tailor questions to your most pressing issues and blind spots

At Pulse App, we prioritise mental wellbeing. We think you should too

Mental health issues permeate all organisations – it plays a major role in the cohesion of your team, yet it’s often largely overlooked . At Pulse App we believe that support starts with connection. Pulse App provides a fully confidential avenue for your people to get the support they need.

This in not a survey!

Pulse App deals with Pulses, not surveys. A Pulse is a short set of questions that you can curate and send to your organisation. Pulses are designed to be quick, engaging and fun so your team look forward to getting them! Your team submit the responses and only reach out with their details if they choose to.

Trust us, once you start Pulsing, surveys will be a thing of the past!

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